Coach González's Math Class

Coach González's Math Class

Teacher:  Coach Saúl .S. González  


Phone:  (210) 645-7500

Conference Period:  3rd Period       

Tutoring:  I am available for tutoring:

~ before school 7:00am – 7:20am

Students are encouraged to come to tutoring if there is a concept they are having difficulty with.


Course Description:  In Enhanced Math, math students will study a variety of topics that include numbers, operations, quantitative reasoning, patterns, relationships, and algebraic reasoning, geometry and spatial reasoning, measurement, probability and statistics, and mathematical processes and tools.   MATH 180 is designed to address the needs of struggling students, and their teachers, equally—building students’ confidence with mathematics and accelerating their progress to algebra.


Gradebook will calculate grades according to district policy as follows:

 60% is Daily Work or Daily Coursework:        40% is Assessment of Performance:

Which may include but is not limited to,               Which may include, but is not limited to,

daily assignments, journals, homework,               exams, teacher made tests, benchmark          

class participation, warm-ups, and/or other         assessments, quizzes, activities,

related content area.                                           interval tests, projects, and/or other acceptable assessment assignments.




Academic Integrity: 

Plagiarism [copying] is defined as “the use of any other person’s work as one’s own and the unacknowledged use of that work in one’s own work.”  All work must be the student’s own work.  Any plagiarized work will result in a grade of zero along with a parent-teacher-administrator conference. 



A student will be responsible for obtaining and completing any make-up work in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified.  Student should check with the teacher for any missed assignments.  Obtain the assignment and directions from the designated folder and/or basket.


Missing Work:

Assignments [homework] given in this class are not optional.  Assignments/directions will be written on the student’s planner.  If a student does not do/turn in the assignment when due, the student will receive a zero for the assignment, and will have lunch detention until the assignment is satisfactorily completed and turned in; upon completion, the homework [assignment] grade will be adjusted.  Homework assignments will be given at least once a week. 


Classroom Rules/Expectations

Be Present.

Be Punctual.

Be Responsible.

Be Respectful.

Be Successful.



     Sharpen Pencils:

  • Raise your hand with your broken pencil
  • Once I acknowledge that you need to sharpen your pencil, you may sharpen it



  • Raise your hand
  • Once I acknowledge that you are requesting to use the restroom, I will gesture “yes” or “no”
  • Bring me the pass to fill out and put on the vest


Supplies/Materials Needed For Class:

Math Folder with pockets and brads                                 

2 Composition Book (NO SPIRALS)

Mechanical Pencils (or 2 packs of 24 count wood pencils)

1 pack Loose Leaf Paper

Pencil Top Erasers

1 Box of Tissues                                                                                                


Course Summary:

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