Elis Kilgore

Elis Kilgore

Band Calendar and Handbook:

August 24 Monday 7:30am - 3:10pm First Day of School McAuliffe Middle School
September 8 Tuesday All Day Fall Practice Challenge Begins (Get Sponsors!!!) N/A
September 14 Monday All Day Practice Challenge Practicing and Money Collection Begins N/A
September 18 Friday 2:30pm - 10:00pm SWHS 8th Grade Night SWHS Football Stadium
September 25 Friday All Day All Practice Challenge Money is due N/A
September 26 Saturday 8:00am - 12:30pm Football game performance (7th grade vs Floresville) SWISD Athletic Complex
October 2 Friday 3:10pm End 1st Six Weeks - (Individual Auditions, Drums, Fall Fine) N/A
October 3 Saturday 12:00pm - 6:00pm Drums Along the Medina (Come watch the HS band perform!) SWHS Football Stadium
October 8 Thursday 3:30pm - 7:30pm Volleyball game performance (7th grade vs Terrell Wells) McAuliffe Gymnasium
October 9 Friday 3:30pm - 5:30pm Fundraiser Reward Party - Ice Cream Party McAuliffe Cafeteria
October 14 Wednesday 4:00pm - 6:30pm SW District Honor Band Auditions Scobee Middle School
October 15 Thursday 3:30pm - 7:30pm Volleyball game performance (8th grade vs McNair) McAuliffe Gymnasium
October 17 Saturday 8:00am - 12:30pm Football game performance (8th grade vs McNair) SWISD Athletic Complex
October 17 Saturday Afternoon High School UIL Marching Contest (All 8th grade band students) GUS Stadium
October 30 Friday During School Halloween Dance McAuliffe
October 31 Saturday 7:00am - 4:00pm Region Band/Orchestra Auditions Luna Middle School
November 3 Tuesday N/A Band Fees Due N/A
November 3 Tuesday 7:00pm - 8:00pm Beginning Band Concert (Beginner Band only) McAuliffe Cafeteria
November 5 Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm District Honor Band Rehearsal (DHB Members only) McNair Middle School
November 10 Tuesday 4:00pm - 6:00pm District Honor Band Rehearsal (DHB Members only) SWHS Auditorium
November 10 Tuesday 6:15pm - 8:30pm Fall Fine (DHB Members and Wind Ensemble only) SWHS Auditorium
November 13 Friday 12:10pm Three hour early release N/A
November 13 Friday 12:10pm End Six Weeks - (Region Road Trip, Spag Perf, Rampage) N/A
November 17 Tuesday During Class Spaghetti Tickets Fundraiser Begins (Sell tickets!) McAuliffe Band Hall
November 20 Friday All day Region Super Bowl Awards Incredible Pizza
November 20 Friday 2:10pm School Dismissed for Thanksgiving Holidays (one hour early) N/A
November 30 Monday 7:30am - 3:10pm First day of school after Thanksgiving Break N/A
December 5 Saturday Morning Blue Santa (Jazz Band) Millers Pond
December 9 Wednesday 4:00pm-6:00pm Region Honor Band Rehearsal Scobee Middle School
December 10 Thursday During Class Elementary Road Trip (Wind Ensemble) TBA
December 12 Saturday 3:00pm - 6:00pm Spaghetti Dinner / Winter Concert SWHS Mall
December 15 Tuesday During Class Region Honor Band Reward Trip and Performances TBA
December 16 Wednesday During Class Elementary Road Trip (Wind Ensemble) TBA
December 17 Thursday During Class Semester Juries (All 7th and 8th Grade) McAuliffe Middle School
December 18 Friday 2:10pm School dismissed for Winter Break (one hour early) N/A
January 4 Monday 7:30am - 3:10pm First day of school after Winter Holidays N/A
January ? TBA All Day Rampage Performance AT&T Center
January 15 Friday 2:10pm End Six Weeks (San Antonio Symphony) N/A
January 15 Friday 6:00pm - 9:00pm Region Band Clinic (Region Band qualifiers only) John Jay HS
January 16 Saturday 8:30am - 4:00pm Region Band Clinic and Concert (Concert Begins @ 2:00) John Jay HS
January 19 Tuesday 3:30pm - 5:00pm Wind Ensemble UIL After-school sectionals begin McAuliffe Band Hall
January 26 Tuesday During Class Begin Uniform Fitting McAuliffe Band Hall
February 8 Monday All Day Spring Practice Challenge Begins (Get Sponsors!!!) N/A
February 11-13 Thursday-Saturday All Day Texas Music Educator's Convention (Directors Only) Downtown Convention Center
February 12 Friday 12:10pm Three hour early release N/A
February 15 Monday All Day Practice Challenge Practicing and Money Collection Begins N/A
February 26 Friday All Day All Practice Challenge Money is due N/A
February 26 Friday 3:10pm End of Fourth Six Weeks (Pre-UIL, UIL) N/A
March 5 Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm Saturday Full Band Rehearsal (Wind Ensemble only) McAuliffe Band Hall
March 10 Thursday TBA Pre-UIL Contest Southwest High School
March 11 Friday All Day Fundraiser Reward Trip Main Event
March 11 Friday 2:10pm School dismissed for Spring Break (one hour early) N/A
March 21 Monday 7:30am - 3:10pm First day of school after Spring Break N/A
March 29 & 30 Tuesday/Wednesday During Class STAAR Testing for 7th and 8th Grade McAuliffe Middle School
April 1 Friday TBA Palo Alto Jazz Festival Palo Alto College
April 2 Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm Saturday Full Band Rehearsal (Wind Ensemble only) McAuliffe Band Hall
April 9 Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm Saturday Full Band Rehearsal (Wind Ensemble only) McAuliffe Band Hall
April 13 & 14 Weds and Thurs TBA UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest  Warren High School
April 15 Friday During Class Band Pictures McAuliffe Middle School
April 15 Friday 2:10pm End of Fifth Six Weeks (End of Yr Trip) N/A
April 21 Thursday After School Attend "Battle of the Flowers" Band Festival (8th graders only) Alamo Stadium (110 Tuleta)
April 26 Tuesday 7:00pm - 9:30pm SWISD Spring Jazz Band Concert (Jazz Band only) SWHS Auditorium
May 9, 10, 11, 12 Monday-Thursday During School STAAR Testing (All Grades) McAuliffe Middle School
May 20 Friday During School Spring Band Trip (Qualifying 7th and 8th grade band students) Castroville Park
May 18 Wednesday 6:00pm - 8:00pm McAuliffe Spring Band Concert (All Band students) McAuliffe Cafeteria
May 19 Thursday During Class Instrument Check-in / Summer Horn Checkout Begins McAuliffe Band Hall
May 24, 25, 26 Tuesday-Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm SWHS High School Band Rookie Camp (All 8th Grade) SWHS Band Hall
May 26 Thursday During Class Solo and Ensemble Contest (All Grades) McAuliffe Middle School
June 4 Thursday 2:10pm School Dismissed for the Summer (one hour early) N/A







The philosophy of the McAuliffe Band is that students will have fun and grow to enjoy making music.  As a member of the McAuliffe Band, each student will not only learn how to become a successful musician, but also learn the skills necessary to be successful in life!  It is our goal for each band student to apply the skills learned in our program into all areas of their education throughout their future.  Members of the band will learn to demonstrate responsibility, express respect towards other adults and students, utilize self-discipline, gain confidence, and learn how to be an effective team member. 



 Students placed in this band are a majority 6th and 7th grade students that have not completed at least one year of band or did not successfully pass their first year of beginning band.  These students learn the fundamentals and skills necessary to successfully play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument.  Beginner band members perform at two major concerts in the year.  Successfully completing beginning band is the gateway to the Advanced Bands and ultimately the High School Band.


 Students placed in this band are majority 7th and 8th grade students that have successfully passed the beginning band level and demonstrate an elevated level of music understanding and performance.  This class will prepare students to be successful in the Wind Ensemble the following school year. This band performs throughout the school year and competes at UIL Concert and Sight reading Contest every spring. Students in this band are encouraged to audition for the District Honor Band and All Region Band.


Students placed in this band are majority 7th and 8th grade students that have successfully passed the beginning band level and demonstrate an Advanced level of musical understanding and performance.  This class will prepare students for the High School Band.  This band performs throughout the school year and competes at UIL Concert and Sight reading Contest every spring. Students in this band are also highly encouraged to audition for the District Honor Band and All Region Band.  




This band is composed of 7th and 8th grade students who have an interest in expanding their playing abilities through jazz, rock, big band, and Latin style music.  The Jazz Band performs more than any other ensemble, appearing at various competitions, concerts, school functions (Pep Rallies), and off-campus performances.  A 75 or above average in all courses is a requirement of this band.  All Jazz Band students must also be enrolled in one of the “primary” concert bands (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band or Concert Band).



Auditions are held twice a year (in December and May), and are used as a means of seating band members in the various performing bands according to their playing ability.  These auditions will be based on a combination of the following:  1) A prepared excerpt of music, given to the student at least one month in advance of the audition, 2) Music scale performance, 3) Sight-reading, 4) Placement into the District Honor Band and/or Region Band.  Other factors that are used to determine which band each student will be placed is: 1) Academics, 2) Behavior, 3) Participation in Fundraisers and other activities, and 4) Attendance at Concerts.



Students are required to attend and perform at all concerts and performances.  All concert and performance reminders are given to the students several days, if not weeks, before the performance.  This should allow proper planning time for parents to ensure that every student is able to attend. 

Excused performance absence:  An excused absence is determined by the band director when a student/parent has given advance notice before the performance.  The students’ grade will not be affected by an excused performance absence.  Examples of an excused absence are personal illness accompanied by a doctor’s note, and death in the family.

Unexcused performance absence:  An unexcused absence is determined by the band director when a student fails to show up to a performance without prior notice from the student or parent, or the prior notice is not an acceptable reason.  An unexcused absence from any performance may result in a failing grade.  On occasion an excused absence can be granted if the absence was caused by an emergency such as a serious illness (must be accompanied by a doctors’ note) or a death in the family (verified after a parent phone call and has been cleared by a band director).  An example of an unacceptable reason is not having a ride to the performance, or forgetting about the performance.       It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the band directors prior to a performance if an emergency occurs where the student cannot attend.  Any student who accumulates two unexcused absences in the same year may be removed from the program.


All members of the Wind Ensemble, it is required that students attend weekly rehearsals after school starting in January. If it is not possible for a student to attend the weekly after school rehearsals, the band director must be informed before Winter break in December.  That student will then be placed into Symphonic Band where sectionals are not required.  Having an extra ninety minutes each week to work with the student and other students on that specific instrument will ensure that they are successful.




Participation Grades:

·         Student is ready with all supplies daily

·         Participation on instrument in class

·         Practice records compete

·         Attendance in class

Assessment Grades:

·         Performance Attendance

·         In Class Performance Tests

·         All Region Band/District Honor Band Auditions

·         Private Lesson Grade

·         Semester and Final Exams.

Participation in band means all students will participate in accordance with all class/rehearsal rules and give their best effort 100% of the time every day.  Grades will consist of the following:



Any student who receives a grade lower than a “70” on a report card in any class in a 6 week grading period becomes ineligible until progress reports are issued 3 weeks later.  If a student who has become ineligible at the 6 week grading period is not passing all classes when progress reports are issued three weeks later, the student remains ineligible for the rest of the grading period.  This is known as the “No Pass, No Play” rule.

                Sec.21.920 (b) “A student enrolled in a school district in this state shall be suspended from participation in any extracurricular activity sponsored or sanctioned by the school district during the grade reporting period after a grade reporting period in which the student received a grade lower than the equivalent 70 on a scale of 100 in any academic year”



Extracurricular performances such as UIL Contest, All Region Band Auditions and all off-campus performances are affected by this rule.

Co-curricular performances such as concerts at McAuliffe are not affected by this rule.  This means that all students are required to attend whether eligible or not. 



The following “Band Hall Rules” are expectations for all students to ensure successful rehearsals in class.

  1. Respect the Directors, Each Other, Band Halls, Practice Rooms, and Instrument Locker Room
  2. No Bullying Other Classmates… Ever!
  3. Be On Time With All Materials Needed For Class
  4. No Foul Language…Ever!
  5. If It Is Not Yours…Leave It Alone
  6. Please Clean Up After Yourself



Practice is the key to making the students’ experience in band both fun and successful.  The following guide should be used as a daily routine for practicing outside or school.

  • Every student is required to practice a minimum of 6 days per week, 30 minutes a day or until the objective can be passed with no mistakes
  • Warm up (5 min) should consist of Breathing Exercises, Posture, Playing Long Tones to ensure proper hand/finger positions and Embouchure placement.
  • Scales, Technique, Music (approx. 20 min) should consist of reviewing scales that have been learned, play through scale studies such as arpeggios, Audition music covered in class, songs/music given in class



Always use a metronome to ensure good timing.  Find a quiet place in your home with little distractions to ensure great focus.  Find sections that you do not know or cannot play without mistakes and spend most of your practice time learning it.  Do not just play through the music!  Practice SMALLER chunks of music.  Remember that “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”.


Exemplary behavior is expected of all band members at all times.  Inappropriate behavior from a band student will not be tolerated.  All discipline problems will be handled on an individual basis.  Discipline consequences for severe infractions may result in removal from the program.

We pride ourselves in having the best behaved and most responsible students in the school.  Therefore we do not expect any band student to receive In School Suspension (ISS) or be placed in Alternative School at any point in the school year.  Depending on the severity of the offense, ISS offenses will be handled on an individual basis and may result in additional consequences from the McAuliffe Band.  Alternative School Placement may result in removal from the McAuliffe Band.

Offenses & Consequences:

  1. First and Second Offense: Verbal Warning, Second Verbal Warning
  2. Third Offense: Parent Notification/Phone Call
  3. Fourth Offense: Parent/Teacher Conference
  4. Fifth Offense: Referral to Administration
  5. Sixth Offense: Removal from the Band Program





Personal Instruments such as flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and percussion kits are required for students in order to participate successfully in band class.  It is the responsibility of the parent to rent/purchase the instrument through an outside music store by the second week of school.  Any student that has not acquired a personal instrument by this date will be removed from the Band into another unfilled elective.

School Owned Instruments such as French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba and advanced percussion equipment may be issued on a “First Come First Serve Basis”.  Students using school owned equipment/ instruments must fill out an agreement form and pay a Rental Fee.  If a school owned instrument is damaged while in the possession of the student, the student/parent is responsible for paying the cost of the repair for the instrument


Lockers are expected to be closed and secured at all times.  A combination lock will be issued for each locker.  Students are not allowed to place personal locks on their lockers.  Not every student will have a locker, and some students will be required to share their locker with one or two other students.



It requires a great deal of money to run a quality band program.  However, we understand that families undergo financial crises. Therefore, we have kept our band fees as low as possible.  The band fee is the same amount for each of the Middle Schools in Southwest ISD.

  • Band Fee: This fee is $45 per year per student. This fee covers the cost of the band uniforms, band shirts, sheet music given, weekly specialist instructors, and our band binder. There are no school supplies to purchase for band.


  • Rental Fee: This fee is $35 per year per student. This fee only applies to students who are using a school owned instrument that is issued by the directors.

The deadline to pay any and all fees that apply to your child is the first week of November.  For those in severe financial hardship, payment plans may be made with the band directors at the beginning of the school year.  Failure to make arrangements to pay the band fees will result in possible removal from the program.



In an effort to keep the band fees as low as possible, our students participate in at least 3 fundraisers each year.  It is very important that each student participates in these fundraisers.  Fundraising helps keep the band fun!  We take as many as fifteen trips each year!  There is a “Reward Party” for each of the fundraisers, which helps to encourage the students to participate.


All students will be required to have a uniform band shirt and blue/black jeans which will be used at most band performances.  The cost of the band shirt is included in the band fee.  The Advanced Bands (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic, and Jazz Band) also use formal uniforms for competitions and formal performances.  Formal Uniforms are provided by the band department and will be kept at the school.

Beginner Band, Wind Ensemble, and Symphonic Band Unformal Uniform:

  • Band Shirt: Included in the Band Fee
  • Black/Blue Jeans: Provided by the student
  • Black Shoes: Provided by the student
  • Black Socks: Provided by the student

Wind Ensemble, Symphonic, Jazz Band Formal Uniform:

  • Wind Ensemble: Formal Black Tuxedos and Formal Black Dresses, included in the band fee
  • Symphonic Band, Jazz Band: Tuxedo Shirts, Tuxedo Pants, Cummerbund, Black Bow Tie



With over 200 students in the band program, the directors receive a lot of calls and messages.  Our goal with is to respond to every message in a timely manner.  Let us know if we don’t!

                                            EMAIL                                                       TELEPHONE

Ellis Kilgore              ekilgore@swisd.net                           

Hector Telles           htelles@swisd.net                               













McAuliffe Rocket Band Department Handbook Agreement Form



I HAVE READ THE MCAULIFFE BAND HANDBOOK AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY ALL THE POLICIES STATED.  I realize that it takes full participation and cooperation from my son/daughter to be successful in the band.  By signing below. I also understand that as a member of the McAuliffe Band, I am responsible for abiding with these policies, and that any non-compliance of the observances herein, including district policies, will result in the consequences stated in the Band Handbooks.

____________________________                ______________________               

 Print name                                                        Date                                       


I have read the McAuliffe Rocket Band Handbook. I understand the McAuliffe Band Handbook and all the guidelines and procedures, as they apply to all students of the McAuliffe Band Program. I agree that my child is responsible for adhering to all policies within.

____________________________                ______________________                Print parent/guardian name                                  Date                                                 Signature

________________    __________________     ________________           _________________    Home Phone                        Cell #                                Work #                  Email Address 

_________________________________            _____________________________________ Emergency Contact Individual (other than parent)    Relationship to Student           Phone#

Please update phone numbers with McAuliffe band ASAP when changing your number. If your child is moving, please notify us immediately.










We need parent volunteers for Chaperoning our numerous trips, assisting with Uniform Checkout, Volunteering for the Spaghetti Dinner, Sewing, etc.  It doesn’t take much time, but the band cannot function without parent volunteers!  If you are interested in volunteering, please check below.





_______ Yes!  I am interested in volunteering for McAuliffe Rocket Band during the 2015-2016 school year!


If “Yes”, please circle the categories that you think you would be able to help.




                              CHAPERONE      UNIFORM CHECKOUT       SPAGHETTI DINNER

       (Socials/Trips)      (During school hours)              (In December)



SEWING/ALTERATIONS                    COOK(s)

              (In December/January)             (Help Cook on BBQ Pit)


(Please make sure that the information on the reverse side of this sheet is correct)


One or two parents may be selected for “Head Volunteer”, whose duties will be more intensive than the other volunteer parents.  This parent will need to commit to 1-3 hours per week, and will assist with the following duties:


Parent Volunteer Coordination                             Trip Rosters

Uniform Checkout                                                   School Social Events

Trip Organization                                                    Letter and Music Copying


If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out the form below.


___YES!  I am interested in applying for the position of “Head Volunteer” for the McAuliffe Rocket Band!  I understand that this position will require that I volunteer an average of five-ten hours per week.



In the space below, please list any special skills or qualifications that you have developed through employment, previous volunteer work, or through other activities, including hobbies, sports, music, or other:


List any community affiliations you are in (Clubs, Service Organizations, etc):




List any previous volunteer experience that you may have:




List any special certifications that you have (CPR, Medical, etc):




In the space below, briefly state why you feel that you would be a good selection for this position.


Thank you for your interest in becoming McAuliffe Band’s “Head Volunteer”!


McAuliffe Band Department

Information Form

__________________________  _________________   ________________________             First Name                       Last Name                       ID Number (Lunch #)

_____________________________________ San Antonio, Texas     ____________                                     Address                                       City           State               Zipcode

____________________   __________________   _____________________________ Home Phone                                    Cell Phone                Email Address (print carefully)


Your Band Instrument: (Circle Below)


Flute           Clarinet          Saxophone     Trumpet


French Horn       Trombone      Baritone                   Tuba                   Percussion


Course Summary:

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