Mr. Bushong's Page

Mr. Bushong's Page

Mr. J. Bushong
        Computer Applications/CyberPatriot
        Phone: 645-7500  ext. 2635

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I am excited to be here at Scobee Middle School and to be your student's Technology Applications teacher!  I graduated from Southwest High School in 19-- and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southwest Texas State University (no, not Texas State University).  My major in college was Computer Science with a minor in Biology.  I have been with SWISD for 27 years.  I started teaching at Southwest Junior High where students were using TRS-80 (trash-80) computers. About the time we became McNair Middle School, we leapt ahead technologically with Apple II-E computers. When Scobee opened, I came here and joined the 20th century with Windows based equipment.
This year I will be your student's Technology Applications or CyberPatriot teacher (click here for Syllabus). In Technology Applications, we will learn Microsoft Office, how to use the internet ethically and safely, researching and creating projects for other subjects. In addition, we will also be improving our keyboarding skills as well as learning how to keep computers safe from malware.
CyberPatriot is a new class offered this year that will focus on how to harden computer systems against cyber attacks (hacking). This course will focus on the dangers facing the computer networks of businesses, military and government. We will participate in the Air Force Association's Cyberpatriot competition. This is an online competition where teams compete across the nation finding vulnerabilities on computers. Last year Scobee advanced to the semi-final round and finished in the top 25% of teams nationally.

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