7th grade ELAR

7th grade ELAR




Alexandra N. Morales


7th grade

English, Language Arts, and Reading


Room 317


BA in Interdisciplinary Studies 

M.Ed in Educational Administration and Policy Studies


University of Texas San Antonio



210-645-7500 ext.2679


7th grade English, Language Arts, & Reading (ELAR)

Course Description:

This course is a combination of language arts and literatureThe literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, comprehending, and thinking are taught. Students gain practice in grammar, punctuation, and writing skills. Assignments include all writing modes: persuasive, narrative, expository, and descriptive. The writing process includes ideas and content, organization, sentence fluency and voice. In literature we read classic and contemporary literature, including short stories, dramas, and nonfiction. Personal connections, interpretations and responses to literature are made to show understanding of the text. Vocabulary instruction and growth is emphasized throughout the year.  Independent reading will be expected continually, with assignments being given on a regular basis.  Learning to work collaboratively is essential, so group/partners work will be a routine occurrence.


Student Supply List:

2 Composition Notebooks

2 Folders without brads

Notebook paper




Box of Tissues

Class Schedule: 

2016-2017 Scobee Bell Schedule

1st period- Pre-AP ELAR  7:30-8:26am

2nd period- Pre-AP ELAR  8:30-9:26am

3rd period- Pre-AP ELAR  9:30-10:26am

4th period- Planning/Conference 10:30-11:26am

B lunch  11:28-11:58am

5th period- Pre-AP GT ELAR 12:00- 12:56pm

6th period- Pre-AP ELAR 1:00-1:56pm

7th period- Pre-AP ELAR 2:00-3:00pm



* 4 minute passing periods

Attendance:  It is crucial that you be in class every school day.  Missing a day of class will prevent you from staying up to date with your class work. 

Class Tardies: Avoid being tardy to class.  After your third tardy the Administrators will be notified. 

Behavior:  It is imperative that all students behave in a manner that is acceptable to classmates, teachers, the school, and the district.  If a student issue arises, the student needs to inform teachers, counselors, and administrators of the issue immediately.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and an office referral will be completed by the teacher.

Class WorkThere will be due dates assigned by the teacher, and it is up to the student to stay up to date in their class and homework.  All work turned in after the due date will be deducted 10 points for each day late.  If a student is absent, the teacher will provide the student with a due date for the assignment. 

Grades:  All students start the six weeks with a 100 average.  It will be up to the student to maintain their grade by completing assignments, tests, and projects.  Progress reports will go out every 3rd week of the grading cycle. 

Tutoring:  After school tutorials will be available to all students as needed.

Campus Materials:  Students are to respect campus and issued materials such as novels, SpringBoard books, Literature Books, library books, and classroom supplies.  Students who destruct school or others personal property will be documented with a behavior referral, and dealt with by an administrator and/or authorities.

Course Summary:

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