Miss Mendez's Web Page

Miss Mendez's Web Page


Hello and welcome!

My name is Ms. Mendez and I am thrilled you are here! This page will give you a brief overview of each subject taught through the Journalism Department. 

Journalism I - A beginner class which prepares students for newspaper, yearbook, or photojournalism. Students learn the history of American Journalism, media ethics, role & responsibilities of a journalist, journalism writing, computer graphic and design, basic photography, TV and radio writing, advertising, and public relations. 

Students are responsible for writing, editing, and designing Tiger News, the student newsletter. The emphasis of this class is writing and computer graphic and design. Students will learn hard news, feature, sports, and opinion writing styles. In addition, your child will learn learn the legal and ethical responsibilities of journalism writing, organization and management skills, the responsibility of deadlines, and accountability.

From theme development to publication, each student shares in the responsibility of the production of the yearbook. In addition, students are responsible for some of the advertising sales to cover the cost of the memory book. It's a marvelous program designed to give your child marketable skills for the work place. The emphasis of this class is writing, photography, and desktop publishing skills.

In this class, students learn the history of photography, the ethics of photography, the parts of the camera, camera functions, lighting, Adobe Photoshop, and computer graphics. Students also learn dark room photography.


Period Time: Subject
1st 7:30 - 8:28 Newspaper
2nd 8:32 - 9:26 Conference
3rd 9:30 - 10:24 Yearbook
4th 10:28 - 11:22 Photo Journalism
5th 12:00 - 12:54 Yearbook
6th 12:58 - 1:49 Journalism I
7th 1:53 - 2:45 Yearbook

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