Darden 6th Grade Math

Darden 6th Grade Math

Ms. Darden

6th Grade


Email: sdarden@swisd.net

         Room Number: 211

Conference Period: 4th Period 11:16-12:08


The University of Texas at San Antonio




1st Period: Pre-AP Math
2nd Period: Pre-AP Math
3rd Period: Pre-AP Math
4th Period: Conference
5th Period: Pre-AP Math
6th Period: Pre-AP Math
7th Period: Pre-AP Math


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Units to be covered in our Springboard Math Curriculum:

Unit 1: Number Concepts                   

Unit 2: Integers                     

Unit 3: Expressions and Equations      

Unit 4: Ratios                                    

Unit 5: Geometric Concepts   

Unit 6: Data Analysis

Unit 7: Personal Financial Literacy


Homework: Homework will be assigned weekly. It will be assigned every Monday and due every Friday. Homework is an essential practice required for success.


Quizzes/Tests:  Quizzes will be given throughout each unit. Any quiz or assessment may be corrected.


Corrections: All quizzes or assessments may be corrected to receive half credit back for each wrong problem. All corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper. In order for credit to be earned, corrections must be completed in a timely manner. 


Parent/Guardian Communication: For any question or concern, please contact me at sdarden@swisd.net. Due to our classroom duties, emails will receive the fastest reply.  Conferences are available upon request. If would like to request a face-to-face or phone conference, please email me with a requested date or time. Please sign up for Remind101 and Parent Portal for student updates.


Late/Missing Work: Students are responsible for completing any missing assignments within one week of the due date. No late work will be accepted in the last 3 days of the grading period.


Classroom Rules/Expectations:  Respect your classmates, the classroom, and yourself.


Absences: Students are responsible for collecting work and notes from the absent folder. All absent work must be turned a timely manner based on days absent.


Progress Reports: Progress reports will be sent home regularly. Parents will be notified via a Remind101 update that progress reports are being sent home. For the most up to date information on grades, please sign up for Parent Portal.



 Course Description         

        The primary focal areas in Grade 6 are number and operations; proportionality; expressions, equations, and relationships; and measurement and data. Students use concepts, algorithms, and properties of rational numbers to explore mathematical relationships and to describe increasingly complex situations. Students use concepts of proportionality to explore, develop, and communicate mathematical relationships. Students use algebraic thinking to describe how a change in one quantity in a relationship results in a change in the other. Students connect verbal, numeric, graphic, and symbolic representations of relationships, including equations and inequalities. Students use geometric properties and relationships, as well as spatial reasoning, to model and analyze situations and solve problems. Students communicate information about geometric figures or situations by quantifying attributes, generalize procedures from measurement experiences, and use the procedures to solve problems. Students use appropriate statistics, representations of data, and reasoning to draw conclusions, evaluate arguments, and make recommendations. While the use of all types of technology is important, the emphasis on algebra readiness skills necessitates the implementation of graphing technology.

Source: The provisions of this §111.26 adopted to be effective September 10, 2012, 37 TexReg 7109.


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