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8th Grade

Explore Careers

STEM Careers Lab 601

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Subject Time
Conference 730-824
 2 Explore Careers  830-926
 3 Explore Careers  930-1026
4 Explore Careers  1030-1126
5 Explore Careers  1130-1226
8th Grade Lunch  1228-1258
6 Explore Careers  100-156
7 Explore Careers  200-300
After school support, Tuesdays  310-430









McAuliffe Middle School

Course Syllabus – Explore Careers



Course Information

Teacher Information


Credit:  8th grade requirement

Name: Mr. Lagueux


Marking Period: First Semester

Phone: 210-623-6260


Class Location: Room 601




Conference Period: 1st per., 7:30 - 8:26





School Theme for the Year

We will use the McAuliffe MS theme for 2016-2017 of  “Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships” to inform the design and review of all the work we do in Explore Careers. I have high expectations for all students’ ability to do the work in this class, or to grow into being able to do so. The work in this class is rigorous, and includes daily word problems related to the work done daily in job situations all around our community. To the greatest extent possible, our work will practice skills that are relevant to success in school and prepare students to be ready for college and/or a career after high school.


Course Description:

This course is designed to prepare each student to select the endorsement pathways (1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice) on their personal graduation plan that best fit their unique combination of interests, aptitudes, and skills. There is an overall focus on introducing students to career fields that are related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines because it is estimated that 70% of future career opportunities will be STEM-related, whether they require college degrees or some other post-secondary schooling, and/or industry certifications.


Primarily, this is a class about careers which includes trying activities and solving problems like those done by workers in those careers. Secondly, this is a math class because all jobs require the ability to determine what data is important and figure out the arithmetic operations required to turn raw numbers into more valuable, reliable information. Thirdly, this is a science class because each module is a set of activities based on scientific information, and includes hands-on activities using various lab equipment specific to each module, e.g. Electricity or Animals, for more than half of all class days.


Finally, this is an independent learning class. Students will mostly work in pairs, getting their information and task-level instructions from an online curriculum on lab session days. Meanwhile, the classroom teacher will serve as a facilitator on those days, encouraging students to work together with their partner to learn, try new tasks, solve higher-level thinking problems, and develop the work habits and work ethic that will serve them throughout their academic life and professional careers.


Course Competencies/ Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete Explore Careers will be able to:

  • Independently research career clusters and be able to relate job descriptions to required skills and the academic subjects and pre-professional training to become ready for those jobs.
  • Alone or with a partner, solve word problems based on real-world job and STEM scenarios.
  • Effectively work as a member of a team even when they do not select their teammate(s).
  • Learn new knowledge and hands-on skills with minimal input from the classroom instructor.
  • Reliably use technology and manage their resources, including time, to complete work.
  • Confidently select their top choices of the available career pathways to graduation as they make their class selections for 9th grade and beyond.


Student Assessment

The grading system for Explore Careers is as follows:

Tests, projects, and papers                                                         37.5%

Classwork, homework, and minor assignments                          47.5%

End of semester project                                                              15%


Classroom Expectations

  1. Be on time and check the agenda upon arrival.
  2. Be prepared, with supplies and positive attitude.
  3. Start the Bell Work immediately and finish promptly.
  4. Show respect for your classmates, teacher, classroom equipment and supplies.
  5. Do your best, participate fully.
  6. Be responsible for your actions.
  7. Do not eat or drink in the classroom, there are science supplies in the room you would not want to ingest.
  8. Follow the BYOD (bring your own device) rules.
  9. Stay in your area, work bell to bell.
  10. Never interfere with others’ opportunity to listen, work, or learn.
  11. Be aware of the CHAMPS instructions that are in effect, and follow them.
  12. Clean up your area, complete and turn in the Exit Ticket assignment before leaving.
  13. The teacher, not the bell, dismisses students.



The acronym stands for Communication, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success. CHAMPS is a tool for letting students know what they can do and how they can get assistance during the different types of work we do in class. Basically, there are four main modes, or ways we work, in class. They are: independent work, whole class, group work, and test. CHAMPS rules are organized in a chart which is displayed at each student work area. While it should be understood by eighth graders that they should not talk, or move around, or ask another student for help during a test, the CHAMPS chart clearly displays these rules, among others. Similarly, while a respectful student would not talk, walk around, or use a noisy pencil sharpener during an explanation of instructions or direct teaching to the whole class by the teacher, the CHAMPS chart also clearly displays these rules.


Homework, Absences, and Missed Work

Homework will be given approximately once every two weeks. It will be collected in the beginning of class the day it is due. It is YOUR responsibility to complete homework assignments. Most classwork is expected to be finished in a single class period. Work not completed in class will become homework. Work not turned in on time will be recorded as missing. Missing or late assignments, including homework, can drastically affect your grade.


If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for and complete the assignments and/or tests when you return.  If you do not make up your assignments within one week, they will turn into zeros.


Your absences can have a negative effect on your partner. To minimize these effects, when you return from an absence you will need to work in class on the same part of the group work that your partner is doing. It is YOUR responsibility to come after school or at lunch to catch up on missed work from your absences.  I will NOT re-teach missed lessons during class time. You will only be allowed to work on missing work in class once the current day’s work is complete.


Plagiarism, Cheating, and Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is the practice of copying words, sentences, images, or ideas for use in written or oral assessments without giving proper credit to the source. Cheating is defined as the giving or receiving of unauthorized help on any work that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort. Both are considered serious offenses and will significantly affect your course grade, and will require a parent-teacher-student conference to address.



If you are having trouble with this class, come to me immediately and I can work with you.  If you wait till the end of the marking period, it will be TOO LATE.  I will be available to help you understand so you can be successful in this class. 


Course Summary:

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