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Hello parents/guardians,
        The McNair Athletic Program is based on the same values that you, as parents, have instilled in your children. We focus on much more than just our win/loss record.  Good sportsmanship, team-work, honesty, pride, hard-work, and dedication are just a few of the qualities we emphasize to help make our children successful in athletics, as well as in life.  Thank you for your support!
    Please enjoy our website and investigate the useful links provided.  Just click on the link and you will be able to open each schedule and/or map.  You may also visit to view our game schedules, win/loss records, and maps to all of our venues.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  It’s important that we keep the lines of communication open, in order for your child to be successful.
Our contact information is as follows:
If you do not have a cleared physical on file with the athletic department for your child please make arrangements and contact us immediately.  Students will not be allowed to try out for any sport without a medical clearance on proper UIL/District physical forms.  Thank you to all parents who have already turned in a physical for your child.
Subject                                        Coach                                   Email
                                                        Female Coaches 
Physical Education                            Melinda Rodriguez     
Physical Education                            Melinda Cerda                                
Physical Education                           Anna Henson              
Inclusion                                           Candice Corona          
RELA                                                Adriana Rodriguez     
Social Studies                                  Nicholas Cardenas      
Subject                                        Coach                                 Email 
                                                    Male Coaches
Physical Education                        Jeff Pote                        
Physical Education                        Jesse Horton                
Math                                              Layton Herring              
Math                                             Travis Zinsmeyer           
Science                                        Joseph Arguello             
Special Education                        Juan Cantu                    
ISS                                               David Gonzales             

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