Mrs. Herring's 5th grade Science

Mrs. Herring's 5th grade Science

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Dear Parents,

            Welcome to 5th grade Science.  I look forward to working with your child this school year. It is important to contact me with any questions or concerns that may come up during the school year. Please feel free to call school (210-645-7750) for a conference or email me at        


          Students will need a composition notebook for science.  This is extremely important in that this will help them stay organized and study.  Students are required to participate in the Kriewald Elementary Science fair December 8, 2015. Students that advance will have an opportunity to compete in the District Science Fair December 10 at Elm Creek Elementary.  If you have any questions about the science fair please call or email me to discuss any questions.

 Student Expectations:

  • You should have PENCILS, TABLETS and BINDER with you everyday for class. If you do not have materials, points will         be deducted from daily grade.
  • If you are absent it is your responsibility to meet with me (the next day) to make up missed activities or assignments.
  • Part of your grade includes keeping up with notes and lab write ups in your Tablet.

 Missing Work/Makeup Work Policy

  • Students will have the opportunity to turn in missing homework with 10 points taken off for each day late.  After three days, it will not be accepted and a zero will be given for the assignment. 
  • If you are absent, make sure to check with me on what you have missed.  Makeup work must be turned within two days after the student returns.   


  • Binders are critical communication tools that should be viewed daily. Please take part in the continued learning that can be as simple as asking "What did you go over in science today?"
  • Progress reports go out during the 3rd week of every 6 weeks. They will be sent home in the Binder behind the science tab.
  • Report cards go out every 6 weeks.



Parents and Students please sign up to receive reminder or email updates. This way I can send reminders about homework, test, projects or any other messages (Regular Text rates apply). This is a one way text application and will never reveal personal phone numbers or names.  I will never send out a message past 7:00pm.



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