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Mr. Cabrera's Web Page

McAuliffe Middle School 7th Grade/7th Pre-AP Science Syllabus

Teacher Name: Mr. Cabrera

Room: 507



Phone: (210) 623-6260 ext. 2399

Conference Period: 6th Period (1:00pm – 1:56pm)                


Tutoring: I am available for tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30 pm or upon request from students. Students are encouraged to come to tutoring if there is a concept they are having difficulty with.


Course Description: In 7th grade science students will study a variety of topics that include chemistry, physical and earth science; however, most of their time will be spent on biological concepts in preparation for 9th grade Biology. Students will study key concepts, lab experiments, demonstrations, and hands-on projects. We will use interactive activities on the smart-board and lap-top computers.


Gradebook will calculate grades according to district policy as follows:


60% is Daily Work or Daily Coursework: 40% is Assessment of Performance:

Which may include but is not limited to              Which may include, but is not limited to

daily assignments, journals, homework,                exams, teacher made tests, benchmark   

class participation, and other activities               assessments, quizzes, interval tests,

related to the content area.                                projects, and other acceptable



Pre – AP Expectations

The Pre – AP course provides a foundation for the study of 7th grade Science topics at an advanced and accelerated pace. The student will be able to:

  • Conduct a variety of inquiry-based laboratory investigations
  • Develop skills that facilitate critical thinking
  • Analyze and evaluate scientific data
  • Design experiments
  • Develop organizational and note-taking skills
  • Articulate conclusions in various formats
  • Perform at rigorous academic levels


  • Acquire knowledge, concepts, and skills that facilitate a higher level of learningHomework:  Plagiarism is defined as “the use of any other person’s work as one’s own and the unacknowledged use of that work in one’s own work.” All work must be the student’s own work. Any plagiarized work will result in a grade of zero along with a parent-teacher-administrator conference. Absences:
  • Academic Integrity:
  • Assignments will be handed out on Thursdays and due on the following Tuesdays. Late work will be accepted at 10 points off per day.

A student will be responsible for obtaining and completing the make-up work in a satisfactory manner and within the time allocated to each assignment.


Missing Work/Late Work:

Assignments given in this class are not optional. Assignments will be written on the board, and students will be asked to write the assignment down in their agendas. If you do not do the assignment you will receive a zero for the assignment, until the assignment is turned in. Late work will be accepted at 10 points off per day.


Classroom Rules/Expectations:

Classroom Rules and Procedures accompany the syllabus as a separate document.


Supplies/Materials Needed For Class:

Composition book                                  

Glue Sticks

Color Pencils




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