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Cyber Patriot/ Automation

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General Information:

         Room Number: 600

        Teacher’s Name:  Gabe Gonzalez

        School Phone: (210) 623-6260 ext. 2365


        Conference Time:  



  CyberPatriot modules, instructional guides, and other internet based resources. Technology Applications via






Materials Needed:

2 Pens or mechanical Pencils

1 Composition Book 

1 Box of Tissues

1 Folder with pockets and brads


Course Description 

CyberPatriot students will learn about the history of cyberspace and how to secure computers and networks from online threats using a variety of strategies and tools.

 Grading Components:

 Assessment of Performance 40%:  Daily Work 60%

 Make-up Work/Late Work:

 Make-up work for excused absences will be permitted.  Students are responsible for obtaining or completing any make-up work for excused absences before or after normal class time.  Missing assignments will result in a grade of zero.

 Classroom Procedures: 

Entering Classroom –Sit in your assigned seat, and begin working on the warm-up quietly. (Please be sure to have something to write with and on every day)

Questions/Comments- Raise your hand if you would like to ask a question or make a comment, so as not to disrupt our learning environment.

Group Work – Get into your group quickly and stay focused on the assigned task.

Restroom Use – At the teachers discretion, as restroom breaks are to take place between classes.

Exiting Classroom – Wait until teacher dismisses the class.







Campus and  Classroom Rules:


Be Present

Be Punctual

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Successful

No food, candy, or unauthorized electronic devices


Classroom Consequences:


        Verbal warning

        Student-Teacher conference

        Parent contact

        Refer to Administration

        Parent-Student-Teacher and Administration conference


Progress reports will be sent home every three weeks and report cards every six weeks.

Please verify your student’s grades via grade speed or contact me via email or phone.  E-mail:  and McAuliffe M.S. Phone: (210) 623-6260 ext. 2365.

Course Summary:

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