GREETINGS-Hi! My name is Mrs. Liles. I am a First Grade Teacher here at Bob Hope Elementary. I have been here for 13 Years. And I have been teaching for 20 Years. 


Welcome-Class 2014-2015
Dear Parents,
        Hello and Welcome to our beautiful newly renovated Bob Hope Elementary. I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself and begin to give you some important information regarding our classroom procedures and expectations.
        My name is Mrs. D. M. Phillips-Liles and this is my 20th year in elementary education. I have taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. I also have credentialing as a Master Reading Teacher. Needless-to-say, Reading will be a primary focus for us this year as we prepare for the up-coming  STAAR test in third grade. I have a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature. I have taught at the college level here in San Antonio at both San Antonio College and St. Philips College, as well as being a published author in a collection of short stories. I am looking forward to writing and publishing more when I retire.
        The success of all my students is my primary focus throughout the year. That can only be accomplished with a strong partnership with parents and families. Communication is vital for that success to continue. Please contact me anytime at 210-927-8180-the main number for Bob Hope Elementary. Also, my e-mail address is I will try to contact you that same day or by the following day for sure. The children will be taking home their homework/behavior folder each day. It “MUST” be signed daily to acknowledge that you have seen it and are aware of what is happening in our class. Please look for our weekly newsletter. It will contain a lot of information about what our class is doing and important upcoming events. The homework folder is an important link between the school and parents. Special care must be taken to assure its safe return to school each day. If it should be lost, it will be replaced with a different cover for the papers. As we progress through the school year, please be aware that your child’s school supplies will need to be replaced as they run out. I will send home notices in sufficient time for those supplies to be up-dated.
        Please look for notices to be coming home regularly regarding your child’s progress, i.e. progress reports and informational notes. Please use the Behavior Folder to communicate with me as well as the e-mail and telephone. The Behavior Folder is a direct way to reach me each day. PLEASE include a phone number in your note or telephone call. I am looking forward to this school year.
Sincerely, Mrs. D. Phillips-Liles

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