Course Syllabus

Mr. W. D. Berry

7th Grade Texas History



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Hello and Welcome to Mr. Berry's 7th Grade Texas History Classroom page. This is my first year at Scobee Middle School, but the fourth year teaching within the district. It is my tenth year overall to teach, after retirement from the United States Marine Corps.

The goal of this year is to learn the history of our city and state, along with how the current time has been influenced by these past events. By gaining a better understanding of what made Texas what it is today, we can be better prepared for a brighter future.

I look forward to this school year and thank you for allowing me to work with your children. 

 David Berry

7:30 8:26 First Period
8:30 9:26 Conference
9:30 10:26 Third Period
10:30 11:26 Fourth Period
11:28 11:58 Lunch
12:00 12:56 Fifth Period
1:00 1:56 Sixth Period
2:00 3:00 Seventh Period


7:15 7:51 IE
7:57 8:49 First Period
8:53 9:45 Conference
9:49 10:42 Third Period
10:46 11:38 Fourth Period
11:40 12:10 Lunch
12:12 1:04 Fifth Period
1:08 2:00 Sixth Period
2:04 3:00 Seventh Period




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