Coach Sagemuehl P.E.

Coach Sagemuehl P.E.

Coach Sagemuehl

P.E. PreK-5th

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        Welcome Back!!!!  We are beginning our 2015-2016 school year at Kriewald Road Elementary.  Each child is required to have 135 minutes of physical activity each week.  Students will have P.E. two times a week.  During the first week of school we will be going over our gym rules.  The following rules will be discussed with students:
•     Keep Hands & Feet To Self
•     Treat Others With Respect
•     Active Listening
•     Walk Appropriately (Black Line Entering Class)
•     Gum & Food Is Not Allowed
•     Follow Directions & Be Responsible
•     Be Safe
•     Proper Attire (Clothes & Shoes) For Physical Activity


If a student is not able to follow the gym rules listed above, I will use the following consequences:


1.      Warning
2.      Time-Out (Think Time To Correct Behavior & Return)
3.      Time-Out (Note Home & Receive “N” for Activities.)
4.      Office (Student Continues to Misbehave / Severe Behavior Constitutes Trip To Office.)


Any notes sent home should be signed and returned the next school day.  If a note is not returned, a phone call will be necessary to communicate the incident and discuss plans to correct the inappropriate behavior.  Students can be awarded stickers, stamps, certificates, or praise for good behavior.
Participation is an important part of your child’s grade; therefore, it is highly recommended that he/she wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  If your child plans on wearing a dress/skirt on a day she has P.E., please have your child wear shorts underneath, so they are able to participate in class.    Appropriate shoes that are tightened and laced correctly need to be worn in P.E. to prevent accidents from happening in the gym.  Students should not wear sandals, flip flops, or shoes with heels.  Your child can bring an extra pair of shoes to change into before they go to P.E.  Students are required to participate in P.E. activities, unless they have a written note from a parent/guardian excusing them from class.  If a student is going to be out more than 3 days a doctor’s note will be needed to excuse them from activities.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.




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