Mrs. Smith's Awesome 3rd Graders

Mrs. Smith's Awesome 3rd Graders


Let's learn to navigate our way through 3rd grade.

 Greetings! I look forward to my 5th year of teaching 3rd grade at SVE! 

Making 3rd Grade add up:

This year we will be building the foundation for a bright future in Math. Third grade is a great year, and my favorite to teach. I love practicing our basic facts to build confidence and expertise. We learn our multiplication facts and practice, practice, practice! Word problems become a big part of our everyday math schedule to help us improve our critical thinking skills.

Everyone knows 3rd grade is the first year for STAAR testing but that is a whole year away. When we commit to working together and learning everyday, we will have success! I know you will be ready.


Sensational Science:

 In the famous words of Bill Nye the Science Guy, "Please consider the following."

Science in 3rd grade will be full of experiments and hands on learning. A big thing for 3rd grade in Science, is a mandatory project to be turned in for Science Fair. Science Fair takes place in January and we spend the month of November/December prepping students and having them turn in parts of the project as the time gets closer. Students can also come to Science night and get a FREE Science board!





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8:10 - 9:40

       Math Rotation 1

     9:40 - 11:10

        Math Rotation 2

   11:10 - 11:45

     I.E. Rotation 2

   11:45 - 12:15


   12:15 - 12:30


   12:30 - 12:40

    Cont. I.E. Rotation 2

    12:40 - 1:25 

       Science Rotation 2

     1:25 - 2:10


    2:15 - 2:55

       I.E. Rotation 1

    2:55 - 3:40

    Science Rotation 1

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